2 x 400g New Zealand Ribeye Grass-Fed

2 x 400g New Zealand Ribeye Grass-Fed

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2 options available - Grilled to Medium Rare / Sous-vide

Hand-selected by our Master Graders, our Rib-Eye Steak is made for real steak-lovers, promising bold beef flavour and natural grass-fed marbling.

Carcass Illustrations Rib Eye correct

The Rib-Eye steak is cut from the prime rib with the bone removed


  • 100% grass-fed Beef
  • No feedlots ever
  • No antibiotics ever
  • No added growth hormones ever
  • Aged for 21 days

Best consumed within 20 mins of delivery. Do consider Sous-vide option if consumption may be delayed. Sous-vide grilling instructions on our blog! 

We intentionally under salt our steaks for those who prefer the healthier option, so please do add salt and pepper to your liking.